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Cannabis flower is the heart of all marijuana products we sell at our dispensaries—it’s the bud from the Cannabis sativa plant, sticky and full of trichomes and terpenes. It can be smoked or processed into edibles, concentrates, and other products. We carry a wide variety of flower strains from Michigan’s craft marijuana cultivators as well as big name brands. So ask about our craft cannabis flower, and we’ll help you find something perfect for a new experience.

A pre-roll is a ready-made, ready-to-smoke marijuana joint. A pre-roll can be made from bud or trim, depending on the cultivator. They’re super convenient when you don’t have time to grind and roll and a great inexpensive way to test out new products.

Edibles are made from processed cannabis flower and are dosed in milligrams of THC. Edibles include candy like gummies and chocolate, baked goods, savory snacks, cooking oils, tinctures, honey, capsules or tablets and drink mixers. If you’re new to edibles—remember to start low (as in milligrams) and go slow (wait for the product to take effect). A smart starting does is 2mg, always check with your budtender about proper dosing.

Vape carts are a popular option for cannabis consumption. A cartridge of marijuana extract is used with a battery (or vape pen) which heats the sticky resin and gives you the same effect as smoking a joint but slightly more potent. Vape carts come in a variety of sizes and THC potencies. Look for live resin if you want all the positive effects of cannabis terpenes and a true, more complete cannabis consumption experience. When choosing a live resin cart, make sure you keep the temperature low on your battery by keeping the voltage between 2.5-3. This keeps the live resin fresh and free from burning away any flavor.

Crumbles, budder, resin, sugar, wax and shatter are all chemically processed marijuana products that are highly potent and consumed in small amounts, thus their name—dabs. You’ll need a dab rig or other device to heat your extract and enjoy it. Just like live resin carts, when using concentrates in dab rigs, let the heat cool down for a bit. This allows for a smoother hit and all of the complex terpene flavors evolve and take effect. Around 450 degrees is a great  temperature to achieve perfection. Rosin is the only cannabis product does not use a chemical process to derive its concentrate. Rosin is mechanically derived from heat and pressure. 

Need papers, glass, a grinder, or other marijuana paraphernalia? Lucky’s has what you need to make your cannabis consumption experience perfect. We love supporting artists and makers in our communities, so check out our gallery of locally created glass, paintings and jewelry. Need a Lucky’s branded shirt, hat or lighter? We have great swag, too.


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