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It’s in our name and that’s not by chance; we’re Lucky’s Community Cannabis Company. We carefully chose where we placed our dispensaries in Big Rapids and Muskegon because of the strong sense of community in these cities – we are committed to becoming an integral part of the neighborhood. We are committed to serving and supporting non-profits in Big Rapids and Muskegon.

It’s hard to narrow down the causes we care about (we have big hearts). Still, we want to focus our community philanthropy on these areas: companion animals, equity, diversity & inclusion, children in need, people with disabilities, and protecting & preserving our watersheds and natural environment. So, if you’re with a nonprofit seeking funding or volunteer help and have programming in the areas listed above, drop us an email at and tell us about your program. We promise to reply and see if we can lend you a hand.

Our Criteria for
Community Giving

Must be a 501(c) 3 nonprofit organization willing to accept cannabis donations. Not all nonprofits are eager to receive cannabis funds, so check with your board of directors first.

If your nonprofit supports youth, our involvement needs to be non-direct; we can’t sponsor your Scout Troop, little league, or soccer team. However, we can support a food program that provides sack lunches for kids, or an organization that works on child abuse prevention.

We like to be involved, so if you have opportunities for Lucky’s to volunteer, that’s a bonus!

The organization must serve the counties where we have dispensaries—Mecosta County for Big Rapids and Muskegon County for Muskegon.

 We know that many nonprofits are faith-based, but we do not support religious or political organizations. As long as your organization is open, affirming, and inclusive to all people, we will consider supporting you!

If you’d like to have Lucky’s consider your organization for a donation, drop us a note about your project and timeline at

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